The Online Version of Your Funeral Home

ETT Venue is the online extension of your funeral home. We help you connect the family and friends who can not be there in person with the memorial service.


With our industry leading technology and team of production industry professionals we help you flawlessly engage with virtual attendees like they were in your home in person.   


What makes ETT Venue Different:

The experience starts with your custom landing page on ETT Venue.


When attendees arrive it is clear when the service is and that it is being hosted by you. No having to share zoom links or Facebook live. The services are all delivered in a secure easy to use environment that is branded to you.  

stream with chat.png

When your virtual attendees enter the event space they are shown a stream from the in person event or broadcast taking place at your venue.


Do you need password protection for the event? No problem that is included at no extra charge.


 Need to charge admission? Also included at no extra charge!

In any venue the magic happens in the heart of the house. Your virtual venue is no different.


Here you can see connection information, set up each event, e-commerce, recoding and promotions.  

back office.png
Group Details.png

Putting in the group details is as simple as filling out a webform. All you have to do is type in who is in each space and hit submit and you are done!

Do you have a client that wants to charge for access? Do you charge for admission? Do you only charge for some events?

We can support it at all at no extra cost!


Even if you want your client to be able to charge their attendees directly we will help them do it for you. 


Do you need to promote a meeting or event on the main event lobby? No problem! It is as simple as filling out a webform. 

Do you need to record a meeting or event? Simply put in your recording times and it will be done for you automatically. 


Benefits For Your Venue:





Simple for clients to do hybrid with one point of contact, one bill, one tech team, simple for users, simple for your staff


Revenue generator



Flat subscription based service that can be sold to each client


Differentiating Factor

Be the venue that is both virtual and in person


Turnkey For Clients

Walk in and stream. No managing another vendor. 


Additional Revenue


Not only can you make a per event charge you can upsell groups into full ETT Live


Larger Groups

The ability to sell larger groups then you could fit in person

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